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At Southeast K9 we offer
World Class Dog Training, Breeding and Imports
for Individuals and the Federal Government

German Shepherd Dog Training


We offer military dog training starting with basic obedience for any breed as well as advanced training in protection, Schutzhund, Military & Police. Learn More…

German Shepherd Breeding Program

Breeding & Imports

Our breeding program is carefully planned to breed and import from top bloodlines in the world, while selecting for workability, trainability and loyalty. Learn More…

Trained German Shepherds

Dogs for Sale

We have trained junior or adult dogs for sale and as well as dogs with his/her drives accessed, but not yet trained in specific sport or work. Learn More…

Southeast K9 comprises of highly skilled master trainers and an elite medical team. The training department is headed by world renown master trainer Clif
Benjamin while the medical team is led by Dr. Glyne Greenidge. Dr. Greenidge is a veterinarian and clinical scientist with advance studies in genetics. 

We have puppies and dogs available for sale.
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