///Funny Puppies

Funny Puppies

Puppies do the funniest things! Do they know they’re funny?

Maybe not, but they are usually having fun. Dogs are especially playful animals; not every species actually engages in play. One thing is certain – dogs like to make their people happy.

Here are a few things you may see that are perfectly normal and even adorable.


When your puppy pretends to see something that he should run from, then tears around as fast as he can go, this is referred to as getting the “zoomies.” He might stop, take a play bow, look at you as if to say, “come and get me!” and zoom off again in a different direction. It’s good exercise and fun, so as long as he’s in a safe place, it is perfectly fine to let him get his zoomies out!


Dogs dream, and when puppies dream, it’s especially cute. Their feet twitch, and they may make little yipping and barking noises. Adult dogs do it, too, but puppies take more naps, so you may see them do this more often.


Puppies’ joints and muscles are soft, so when they sit or lie down, their legs and feet just stick out funny. Floppy stuffed animals have so much appeal for many people because they resemble adorable puppies.

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